Courture Creations Alcohol Inks Fluro Flamingo




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Couture Creations Alcohol Inks are the perfect way to bring your artwork off of paper and onto any other surface. Their versatility allows them to be used on a variety of surfaces, from glossy papers and metal sheets all the way down to glass or yupo paper for amazing backgrounds with vibrant colours!

Couture Creations alcohol inks transcend boundaries by being multi-surface dyes for both nonporous materials like metals, wood veneers as well as porous material that can’t withstand watercolour paint such as canvas boards. They’re also great when you need bright colors without having too many layers come together – just try using their ‘Paint Palette’ technique where they touch up areas while wet until desired affect is achieved

Couture Creations Alcohol Inks are the ideal way to create bright polished effects on a plethora of non-porous surfaces, perfect for creating vibrant backgrounds and colourful elements on and off the page. Try them with yupo paper, glossy paper, metal, glass and more.