Reeves Acrylic Colour Paint Set 10mL 18 Pack


This Reeves Acrylic Colour Set will allow you to create fully opaque artworks that will brighten up your home or gallery. The high pigment paint will cleanly mix with other colours and when painted, will retain superior brush strokes giving textured effects. You won’t have to wait long before you can display your work due to the quick drying paint process.

  • You can use this acrylic to paint on surfaces like canvas, paper, wood, fabric and more.
  • Each colour is individually packaged in its own tube so you only have to take out the colours that you need.
  • These paints are water based and minimally shift colour when they go from wet to dry.
  • The high gloss finish means that you don’t have to add any mediums to get the polished look.
  • Each tube has 10 mL of paint.
  • There are 18 tubes in each pack.
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